WildMex Sayulita by Bus Coming from Puerto Vallarta

Sayulita is one of the most important destinations in Mexico. Every year, thousands of tourists visit this Magical Town (known affectionately as Pueblo Mágico) as there are many activities to do for families, friends, loved ones or by yourself.  Sayulita has something to offer for everyone! One of the FAQS about Sayulita transportation is: How do you get to Sayulita by bus?  Keep reading to find the answer!

Our WildMex Sayulita Office is easily accessible by bus, so if you’re coming from Puerto Vallarta, here is the information you need to have for a safe arrival:

Sayulita by bus coming from PUERTO VALLARTA AIRPORT

When coming from the Puerto Vallarta Airport, exit the airport at the Arrivals area and cross the street on the pedestrian bridge, which ends directly at the bus stop. The line that goes to Sayulita is COMPOSTELA and their buses are green and white.  Look for the name “Sayulita” written on the windshield of the bus.Important note: Not all COMPOSTELA buses go to Sayulita. The COMPOSTELA-SAYULITA buses should pass every 20 minutes. There is always someone working in the bus stop, so you can tell them that you are heading to Sayulita and he will tell you when the right bus comes along.

Sayulita by bus coming from Downtown Puerto Vallarta

If you’re staying downtown, to get to Sayulita you’ll have to take two buses.  The best option is to go from the Malecon and head east, walking a couple blocks up until you see a series of public buses zooming by. Once there, look for a blue sign indicating a bus stop. Take any bus heading north that has “Walmart” written on the windshield. Get off at Walmart. You’ll notice two bus waiting areas. Facing Walmart and Sam’s Club, walk to the larger bus waiting area on the left. There is usually someone with a clipboard stationed there to direct passengers to the correct bus for their desired destination. Board a green and white Compostela bus with the word Sayulita written on the windshield. Not all COMPOSTELA buses go to Sayulita.

Sayulita by bus coming from NUEVO VALLARTA

To take the bus to Sayulita, go to Mega on the main highway (or the closest big convenient store going north) and jump on the green and white Compostela bus with the word “Sayulita” written on the windshield. Not all COMPOSTELA buses go to Sayulita.

WildMex Sayulita from the Sayulita Bus Stop

Once you get off the bus at the bus station in Sayulita, walk straight on the main street (Revolución), then turn right on the first street after you walk across the bridge (Pelícanos).  Keep going straight towards the beach and you’ll find our office on your left hand, half a block from the sand. There is no missing it!


By Wildmex Travel