Getting Tubed is a “PARADISIACAL EXPERIENCE” only Surfers know

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Surfing In Punta Mita 2022

Surfer getting barreled in a big wave
Paradisiacal, heavenly, and angels seemingly in chorus; this is how surfers describe the experience of being in a tube. Since getting tubed is an experience only known to surfers, let us mesmerize you with a string of words woven together that capture the beauty of the moment from Javier Chavez, the owner and founder of WildMex Surf & Adventure:

“Getting tubed is that ephemeral moment when one gets engulfed in the water. The feeling that the giant of a wave can wipe you out with one wrong move gives an adrenaline rush that adventurous people yearn for.

The view, if only cameras could capture the entire beauty of the barrel! A blend of blues, greens, and the sandy browns moving all at once, yet seemingly not at all.

The silence is the virtue of the barrel, yet the auditory experience of the water is an encounter that is rightly termed as PARADISIACAL! – The longing for this transcendent to never end but concurrently being mesmerized by the light at the end of the barrel is an incomparable feeling.”

Are you still reading? This means you are awe-struck by just the string of words that describe the transcendent experience. Wonder what it would be like to actually experience getting tubed? Read on to find how you can catch your first tube surfing in Punta Mita this 2022.

What Does It Mean ‘Getting Tubed’?

Surfer getting tubed in a big wave
Getting tubed or barreled means that a surfer finds safety amidst a big wave. There is a dredging feeling that it might break upon itself and a possibility that you’d get trapped between the lip and the wall of the water, which is how you get tubed.

However, there is a technique to do this successfully. Surfers spend a lot of time waiting for the perfect moment to get barreled.

Simultaneously, it takes a lot of skill to maintain balance within a barrel; one wrong move and the wave crashes on you, leaving you amongst the heavy white wash with your surfboard out of control.

So, what’s the best way, place and time to get tubed and surf in Punta Mita?

The Surfing Scene Around Punta Mita

Point of view of a surfer catching a barrel from inside the wave.

Mexico is home to some of the most incredible surfing spots in the world, with beaches like Sayulita and Punta Mita amongst some of the popular spots for surfers, (with good reason!)

Winter is the best time to surf in Punta Mita. From November to March, with surfing in Punta Mita being an experience of a lifetime. You’ll catch slow peeling waves on smaller swells to giant and medium barreling waves that can go up to 8ft or more on bigger ones.

The summer season at Punta Mita gets more consistent swells, but you can expect just about anything in winter, and that’s a true adventure as a surfer, right?

And if you are lucky enough, you can catch those rare 5-6 waves a season swells that will mark one of the most tremendous experiences of your life!

Tips For Catching Your First Barrel

Learn how to catch your first barrel with surf camps in Punta Mita for intermediate-advanced surfers here.

Learning to Surf in Punta Mita as an intermediate or an occasional surfer is also a great experience. This is because you get ISA certified instructors, pro surfboards, and a remarkable experience at the WildMex headquarters.

Surf lessons in Punta Mita can equip you with the skills you need to catch your first tube. And boy, you can bet that the first time you catch your first barrel will be unforgettable!

Here are some of the tips you’ll get to learn at our surf camps…

Surf Camps in Punta Mita

Man taking surf lesson in Nayarit Mexico at Wildmex

The holy grail of surfing is getting tubed. Registering for a Surf Camp in Punta Mita with WildMex can be the first step in getting this experience. If you are an intermediate or even the experienced but-out-of-touch kind, registering for a surf camp can be a great way to catch the wintertime barrels at Punta Mita.

Building Confidence When Surfing In Punta Mita

What our surf camps in Punta Mita will do is build your confidence! More often than not, people close their eyes in their first barrel, where they lose out on the best of the experience.

You’ll learn to build your confidence by being comfortable, learning how to safely fall away from your surfboard. The trick is to be confident yet cautious when entering the barrel. Our  ISA certified instructors will teach you just that.

Picking the Right Board

One secret that our surf camp will teach you is picking the right board. Finding barrels on a longboard is challenging. Therefore, surfing on a shortboard is the key to getting the barrel right.

First things first, it fits right in the confines of the barrel. Secondly, it is much easier to control the direction and speed, which are key components to succeeding the barrel.

Learning to Surf in Punta Mita as an intermediate or an occasional surfer with one of our ISA certified instructors is a great way to learn how to catch your first barrel.

Even when surfing Punta Mita in the winter season, catching that perfect barrel requires patience. Till then, why not polish up your surf until that seasonal rare barrel comes that you’ll get to treasure for a lifetime?

Finding The Right Line

When you’re learning how to get tubed, the hardest part is judging whether a wave will break or not. And this ability comes in due time.

Put simply, the more you surf, the better your judgement becomes on how waves break, and so, the easier it becomes to position yourself to catch that barrel!

Stalling The Right Way

Stalling your board the right way to get barreled is the one technique you WILL need to learn. The easiest way is to apply pressure onto your rear foot that diminishes your speed just right to get the barrel.

Another way is to drag one or both of your hands in the face of the wave to slow down.

There are also some trickier approaches that pro surfers use, which you may also get the chance to learn either at a surf camp or within an intermediate-advanced surf lesson in Punta Mita – just ask your instructor!

All in all, getting barreled is an experience that one cannot weave into words. And once you get the hang of it, you will never get enough of it!

Tubing Till The End

Wave tube in Mexico

Once you’re in the tube, the rush of adrenaline and fear is likely to get you to misstep or close your eyes. Don’t make that mistake!

You’ll end up getting crushed by the wave, or you’ll miss out on the epic wave riding experience.

While soaking up the visuals and audio of the tube, keep your eye on the prize, the end of the tunnel, and get out a champ’!

So, what are you waiting for? The best time to surf in Punta Mita is right NOW, and trust us, you don’t want to miss out on your moment.



This post is also available in: EN