When Should You Move On From A Soft-Top Surfboard?

Whether your first board was a second-hand “foamie” or your gramps old longboard, we’re here to tell you that the “foamie” or soft surfboard offers more than what meets the naked eye, PLUS how you’ll know when you’ve outgrown it and when you’re ready for bigger and better things or smaller, in this case  - should you desire.

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Let’s face it, too many of us start on boards we have no business waxing up! But Wildmex is here to help you avoid that.

We believe there’s a board for every surfer, especially the newbies! 

Why Learning On A Longboard Is Best?

  • Increased wave count = you’ll catch more waves = accelerate your learning
  • You’ll paddle faster and easier
  • You’ll get easy take-offs and longer rides
  • You’ll feel more stable and balanced to stand up 
  • You’ll be left with a positive experience and more motivation to go out again
  • Bigger board = More waves = Less frustration
  • “Foamies” are forgiving, meaning, your takeoff timing is not as critical!

When You Know You’re Ready For A Shorter Board

  • You're catching green waves mostly when you want
  • You know how to read waves 
  • You're successfully riding around 70% of the session
  • You can paddle out and make it out the back
  • You can surf down the line
  • You feel in control of your board in a crowd and in whitewater 
  • You know and follow surf etiquette


Too often, people unknowingly start with the wrong boards and never learn because they can't catch any waves! Beginner surfers and surf schools enjoy the use of foamies as a fun and versatile surfboard for everyone. You betcha...Everyone. 

The more time you spend learning on longboards, the faster you'll progress to funboards > hybrids > shortboards - if that's your ultimate goal. 

At the end of the day, it’s all about having fun and connecting with mother nature! Stick to this path, and you’ll be the most stoked person in the water, every session. 

See ya in the lineup… YEW!


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