5 Pro hacks for catching more waves -How-to guide:

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Ok, so we’ve all been there… 1 hour-long surf sesh aaaand… 1 wave. Heck! Talk about disappointment! 

You come out feeling like you’ve done a whole lotta’ floating, drifting and waiting in the wings, and well, not a whole lot of “surfing”. 

So what’s really going wrong?
Maybe it’s the crowded lineups, lack of lessons, the wrong equipment or even that negative self-talk that’s knocking your game… Whichever one, here’s our 5 pro hack’s for upping your wave count right now – these top tips have been taken from our certified leading surf coaches down at our Punta Mita & Sayulita Surf Camp’s, so whether you’re an intermediate or beginner surfer, no doubt that implementing these pointers will have an instant positive effect of your surf-game.

Check it out! 


Surfing For Beginners Punta MitaWhen surfing in Sayulita, it’s safe to say that if there is any place to start, it’s here! Many beginners in this area jump straight on a board and into the waves, without knowing the basic fundamentals of surfing. Not only can this be frustrating to more experienced surfers who know and follow the rules in the water but it can be dangerous to you and anyone else out there too!

Having an experienced surf coach take you through the learning process is an invaluable experience that you won’t regret. They’ll teach you everything from the basic fundamentals, safety procedures, do’s and don’t and how to read waves, which will undoubtedly skyrocket your learning curve in the water. 

Not only will the other surfers recognise that you’ve invested the time in taking lessons and respect you more for doing so but you’ll also catch so many more waves and be confident that you’re doing it the right way.

We offer surfing for beginners in Sayulita and for intermediates too! If you want to up your wave count this is the place to start! Enquire about our epic surf lessons in Sayulita and Punta Mita here.


Cardio Training - Surf Camps In Punta Mita with WildmexSo you ant to be a wave wizard? Well, you better train for it.
Believe it or not, it’s all about getting that heart pumping… the more you train (in and out of the water) the better you’ll get at catching waves.

Introducing cardio-vascular training to your routine, such as swimming, running, cycling or brisk walking will help to improve your stamina in the water, ensuring you have enough energy to really pump, gain speed and catch the waves you want.

Going out to train in various conditions, even if the swell is small, can also be one of the best teachers! You’ll learn things such as wave sharing, how to correct your stance, how to generate speed, how to improve your style, how to stay in the power pocket and most importantly, how to read the waves!

Feeling ready to train for it? Why not join a surf camp in Sayulita for a week and see your performance in the water turn a corner, rapidly! Discover more about our surf camps in Punta Mita and Sayulita right here and make the decision to uplevel your wave count, for good!


Surfing For Beginners In Punta MitaIn surfing, attitude is everything, which means a simple shift towards a mindfulness mentality can change your whole surf game – no really. 

Think about it, have you noticed that the second you start taking things a little too seriously, things start going downhill? 

Well, not only can this hurt your progression but it’ll lead to disappointing sessions where you’ll feel you’re underachieving and start forgetting the true nature of why you’re really there in the first place – to have fun!

The second you start cutting the negative self-talk, quit beating yourself up and start uplifting the vibe in the water, the sooner you’ll start enjoying more and riding more waves!

Don’t be afraid to spark conversation with other surfers, compliment their waves, share waves and give some away, embrace everything the nature around you has to offer and be grateful for being there. Making a friend or two in the line-up will put you in the perfect position to learn from others, get a go at higher-performing waves and earn some respect in the water. 


Surfboard Rental In Punta Mita With WildmexGive way to priority, paddle hard, bend your knees, lead with your head and fly – right? Sounds like you’ve got the fundamentals down on paper but the reality just isn’t manifesting… Well, ever thought that the board you’re using is a little off the mark?

Not only can riding the wrong surfboard delay your progression but it can also make life a whole lot more difficult when trying to catch a wave…

The first step to surfing success is to be honest with yourself about what you’ll be riding… the type of wave you ride regularly has a lot to do with what board you should choose. So, firstly, make sure you understand what kind of conditions you’re going to be heading out in before any session, you should also take into consideration your experience, ability and fitness level. 

Generally speaking, longer, more voluminous boards are easier to paddle but can be tough to get past crashing waves and whitewater, so keep this in mind when selecting your board! 

Not sure which shape or style fits you? Come into one of our Wildmex shops here and speak to a member of our team, who’re all experts when it comes to getting you on the right board and catching more waves! We offer surfboard rental in Punta Mita and Sayulita with a selection of over 300 boards to choose from. 


One of the biggest mistakes “intermediate” and beginner surfers make when surfing in Sayulita is to jump straight into the line-up, without watching the waves first!

You’ll be surprised at how much you can improve your surfing just from watching – from the outside!
First, observe the line-up and the water and ask yourself the following: How often are the sets coming through? What’s the tide doing and will it affect my session? Are there occasional smaller or wider sets that people are missing that I could take advantage of? Where could be a good spot to sit for my ability?
When you start taking the time to ask yourself these questions before a session, instead of rushing straight in, you’ll see that your ability to read the waves and catch them will improve rapidly! 

Watch the waves, ask the questions and play the field catching way more waves than before!

So whether it’s jumping into a surf lesson in Sayulita, hanging back 10 minutes longer to watch the waves break, making some new buddies in the line-up or hanging out at one of our surf camps in Punta Mita, putting the above tips into practice (in whichever shape or form) for your next approaching waves, will for sure give you a greater chance at upping that wave count!

If you have any questions or want to enquire about anything mentioned in this blog, reach us here and one of the members of our team will be happy to help out!

We hope you found this helpful!

Peace & love, 

By WildMex Surfing