Surf Camp in Punta Mita Day 3: How To Catch A Wave

 Do YOU know how to catch a wave when surfing??

Throw your worries aside and learn how to catch a wave TODAY!

Do you know the true secrets behind binary and dynamic wave selection? Or do you keep nose-diving and think you may need a lil’ help from our expert surfers here at Wild Mex?


How to stop nose-diving and the true secrets behind binary and dynamic wave selection…

Welcome to Day 3 of surf camp! If you’ve just finished Day 2, you’ll know allll about the safety and technicalities of surfing. You may have even caught a wave already - cowabunga!

Buuuut, Surf camp in Punta Mita doesn’t stop there. Day 3 takes your knowledge to the next level. Yup, it’s time to learn how to catch a wave when surfing without nose diving OR losing the wave! We’re going from white water to green waves, and yes, you CAN do it! We’re all about popping you up, physically and mentally—building your skill and confidence in the water simultaneously!

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Grab your board, and let’s go!

How To Catch Unbroken Waves

Wanna learn how to catch green waves in 3 days or less?

So, you’ve been catching white water waves, but you want to learn how to catch green waves?… Let’s make this happen!

White water waves are relatively easier to catch. Heck - sometimes you don’t even need to paddle! Though we looove relaxing and enjoying the smooth surf, sometimes a challenge is on our to-do list.

Green waves are a step up from white water, but we know you can do it. These waves don’t push you forward, so your surf destiny is in your own hands. And it’s time to grab it!

Here, the only force you’ll be working with is gravity - but we’ve got some tried and tested techniques to help you pop up with ease. Like Sir Isaac Newton, you’ll be the boss of gravity in no time—Simply trust our coaches to get you there!

 Unsure how to catch a wave? Our pro teachers have YOUR back!

The Science of Green Wave Catching At Surf Camp in Punta Mita

Once your surf team understands how to catch a wave body surfing, we delve deeper into the science of green wave catching.

Kiss your body surfing goodbye for Day 3 - we’re focusing on big boards. Larger surfboards paddle MUCH faster, and we find they’re the best tool for catching green waves early on.

We make sure ALL surfers understand how to catch green waves from start to finish, and we add a lil’ science into the session for extra surfing knowledge. Our aim is to provide you with as much info as possible! Safety and science make a world of fun.

From scanning the open seas to applying green wave techniques, you’ll experience genuine freedom like never before.


You could be learning how to catch green waves reeeal soon!

Surfing Etiquette While Learning To Surf In Mexico

Knowing how to catch unbroken waves is paramount. Buuuut…. If you bump into other surfers, your groove will be thrown off.

To avoid any open water mishaps, we touch base on surfing etiquette. Etiquette is a key aspect of your surfing process, and we take time for these useful tips in most sessions. In our eyes—A kind surfer is a pro surfer!

We also continue surf etiquette lessons on Day 4, keeping you protected while you learn and grow. Hey, practice makes perfect!

Learning to surf in Mexico looks a little like this…

How To Catch A Wave Surfing: Day 3 Takeaway

How to catch a wave when surfing is easier than you’d expect! All you need to do is jump onto the right board and start paddling (with the right techniques). Our team of dedicated surfers are always on hand to teach you the ropes from day 1-7 of your surf camp.

The Wild Mex Surf camp in Punta Mita is designed just for you. Each day is expertly tailored to teach you the next steps without throwing you in the deep end. We’re all about gradual progress - no shocks or sharks here!

PLUS, when you start learning to surf in Mexico, your journey will be with our professional team and premium equipment. Only the best for Wild Mex students!

Now, let’s start surpin’ those waves!

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We can’t wait to hit the surf with you…
See you in the ocean!