Punta Burros Surf Trip

Hola! I am a volunteer at WildMex from Florida. This is an awesome surf & bike adventure company based out of La Lancha, Nayarit, Mexico. We have the opportunity to join surf and bike excursions with the rest of the team and customers after our work.

On Saturday October 3rd, another volunteer and I joined company owner, Javier, in the car to ride to the La Lancha shop from Sayulita shop after working some hours there. We joined the surf lesson group riding out to Punta Burros, Punta De Mita. We were assigned to clean the beach of trash there, and then our plan was to surf with the rest of the group after the beach cleanup was finished!

The 7 of us (2 instructors, 3 customers, the other volunteer and I) parked and walked the road down to the break at Burros. We spent about one hour cleaning washed up plastic and left behind rubbish off the beach; and the last hour surfing fun clean waves, about 3-4 feet in size.

Overall it was a very inviting and exciting experience. I am so happy that the company offers these opportunities during our off time to explore and adventure more places here in Nayarit, Mexico.

~Lauren G.

By WildMex Travel