Experiencing the April 8 Eclipse in Bahía de Banderas: A WildMex Adventure

Eclipse Bahia de Banderas

Understanding the Eclipse:

As the sun dipped behind the moon on April 8, the skies over Bahía de Banderas witnessed a celestial spectacle like no other. At WildMex Surf and Adventure, nestled in the heart of this enchanting coastal region with locations in Sayulita and Punta de Mita, we were fortunate to witness this cosmic event firsthand. 


The April 8 eclipse, a total solar eclipse, occurs when the moon passes directly between the sun and Earth, casting its shadow upon the terrestrial surface. This particular eclipse was especially captivating, offering viewers the rare opportunity to witness totality—the moment when the moon completely covers the solar disk. 

How It Was Experienced:

In Bahía de Banderas, the eclipse was visible in the early morning hours as the moon aligned perfectly between Earth and the sun. As the moon gradually obscured the sun’s face, the skies plunged into twilight, creating a magical and surreal atmosphere. At WildMex, we marveled at this phenomenon from various vantage points, including some of our favorite surf spots the picturesque Playa La Lancha. 

Eclipse en bahia de banderas 2024

Percentage of Visibility:

While the eclipse was visible across much of the world, here in Bahía de Banderas, we enjoyed a clear and unobstructed view of the celestial show. Approximately 90% of the sun was covered by the moon, providing viewers with an awe-inspiring and unique experience.   

The April 8 eclipse served as a reminder of the breathtaking beauty of the cosmos, and at WildMex, we feel privileged to have been part of this extraordinary event. 

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