Day 4 Surf Camp in Punta Mita: Surfing Rules & Etiquette

That feeling when you SMASH the basic rules of surfing!

Do YOU Know The Basic Rules of Surfing?

Your board is waxed UP, your new bikini or boardies are ON, and the sun is shining DOWN on the surf camp in Punta Mita. All signs are saying GO for it! Buuut, are they really?

If you rush in too fast, you might fall into the trap of common surfing mistakes. And who wants to start their surfing holiday on a negative note?? Not us!

Luckily, Day 4 of surf camp is here to set the record straight with a comprehensive beginner’s guide to surf safety & surf etiquette. If you're up-to-date with the previous surf camp days, you might be thinking ‘MORE surf etiquette’?? But hang with us, this might be the most important lesson of the batch.

Day 4 is all about preventing unwanted situations in the water—no neg’ vibes here! Our expert coaches walk you through common mistakes you make as a beginner surfer, allowing you to learn and grow in a safe setting. From the Surfline to ocean communication, we’re talking ALL about surf etiquette.

Pure surfin’ fun on land - and water!

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Whatcha waiting for? Grab your board and GO!

Surfing Rules & Etiquette: What’s It All About?

TOP surfers know the surfing rules & etiquette by HEART!

We know, we know, it probably seems like surfing rules & etiquette is one of our top 10 favorite phrases. There IS a method to our madness, though!

Before we jump back into the crystal clear Punta Mita waters, Day 4 starts with a debrief on all you need to know about safety and etiquette—think of these as the basic rules of surfing. Without them, you might end up in a SPLASH, CRASH AND PUMMEL!

This handy talk ensures YOU know how to keep yourself and others safe, all while maintaining chill vibes in the water. After all, who wants to be surfing in a tense space??

Imagine you’re in line at your fave store… If someone jumped the queue, the tranquilo mood would be gone in seconds, right? Everyone in the store would be bummed, pushed back, and wouldn’t the mood just fall flat?

You wouldn’t do it in the store, so why would you do it in the ocean? Exactly!

Don’t stress! It happens to everyone once or twice. Buuut, our expert team is here to help you navigate the mistakes you make as a beginner surfer. That’s what Day 4 is ALLL about!

Thanks, WildMex pros!

General Rule: Picking The Right Location - Surfline

Learning to surf in Mexico isn’t a chore! Faaar from it.

These safety issues can be resolved with one general rule: picking the right location - Surfline. Yup, it’s that simple! Harmonious surfing comes down to getting in the right position and waiting your turn.

Surfers should always give priority to the surfer with the longest potential ride.

Sound like a foreign language? Let’s decode it!

The surfer closest to the wave’s peak (most powerful section) always gets the right of way. Why? Because they’ll get the best enjoyment and momentum out of the wave!

Awesome—always give priority to the longest ride.

But, how do YOU get yourself there? That’s one for our professional surfers to show you in person at the beach!

What Are The Most Common Surfing Mistakes?

We talk about common surfing mistakes A LOT on Day 4, but do you know what we’re really talking about?

No stress if you don’t!

Did you know you actually have to learn about mistakes you make as a beginner surfer BEFORE you can correct them? Uh-huh! We teach you the complete DOs and DON’Ts to keep you on top surfin’ form 24/7.

During Day 4, we give YOU the low down on dropping in too early, not waiting for your turn in the Surfline, and paddling wide to ensure you stay out of other surfer’s way. Polite surfing is the best surfing—no wave stealin’ here!

The basic rules of surfing will be on the tip of your tongue in no time! All you gotta do is turn up and enjoy.


Surfing Rules & Etiquette: Keepin’ The Tension Low

Our beginner’s guide to surf safety & surf etiquette is not only here for your benefit.

No, no, no.

We’re here to help EVERY surfer by teaching you how to keep the tension low in the water. As we touched on before, cutting the line can create a bad mood all around. If you’re unlucky, you might bump into some moody surfers. Oh no.

So, how do you keep it cool?

Cutting the tension involves learning to make eye contact with other surfers, using hand signals, and, most importantly apologizing if you slip up—trust us, it happens!

But hey, we’re a judgment-free zone!

Tension can be defined as mental or emotional strain, and this won’t help you at the peak of the wave!

Surf camp in Punta Mita is all about harmony and epic waves. Keeping it chill is at the forefront of our surfing practice. After all, we take to the ocean to be free, not to cause havoc…

Practice Makes Perfect With The Basic Rules of Surfing

The basic rules of surfing are a need-to-know topic.

However, knowing the waves inside-out is paramount too!

Yup, Day 4 is also jam-packed with full-on surf practice to make sure you experience the upfront thrills of the Surfline. Sea salt, sand, and surf - what more could you want??

Learning the facts and figures has its place, but true learning happens when you apply them in the ocean. Whether you’re keen on surfing in the whitewash or green waves, the Wild Mex experts will be on hand to support and guide you.

We’ve got your back AND your boards…

Learning to Surf in Mexico Doesn’t Stop Here…

It’s time to put your surfing rules & etiquette knowledge to the TEST with Day 4 of surf camp in Punta Mita! We know you’ll ACE it.

Day 4 is the official MIDDLE point of our 7-day surf camp, and we LOVE seeing your progress at this point. And yes, there’s ALWAYS progress from our surfers!

With BESPOKE lessons, tried-and-tested surf techniques, PREMIUM equipment and expert local coaches with a GENUINE passion for surfing, the Wild Mex team is always ready to catch the next wave—and have you right there by our side!

Right, surfboards at the ready now!

Get to know the WildMex Surf Camp online here. OR investigate our all-new surf camp with included accommodation here. Rest is important after a day in the waves!

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Surfing creates memories for life…
Seeya on the sand!


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