Best Places To Surf in March

Why Surfing in Mexico in Winter may be the Next Vacay for YOU!

 The best places to surf in March? At the Wild Mex hub, of course!

thing provides a breathtaking thrill like Mexico’s winter surf. Forget Feb-March curled up at home, waiting for waves that aren’t coming at your local lineup—we know you’re SO over hibernating. So, trust us, that diving into Mexico’s winter waves may just be the best way to spend your March.

“But isn’t the water too cold for surfing?”

This is one of the most common questions we hear about surfing in Mexico’s winter, and the answer is—Heck no! That couldn’t be further from the truth.

With an average water temperature of 24°C (75°F) in Feb-March, surfing in Punta Mita in winter isn’t as icy as most people think…

Sorry Whim Hoff enthusiasts—there are no ice baths here!

Still curious about the best winter surf destinations? Or maybe you’re bored with your winter routine and wanna add a li’l excitement into the mix… Whatever your reason, we’re here to inspire you!

So, keep on reading to find out WHY some of the best surf trips February-March are in Mexico’s Punta Mita and Sayulita according to our community and the locals.

This place is awesome! Great selection of boards and good weekly rates. Easy walk to one of the best breaks. Shout out to Hector, Karen and Lesly…kind and knowledgeable staff. Highly recommend this place if you’re on a surf vacation
ray kaari
ray kaari
Jorge and Lucy were great!!!! This was our second hike with Jorge-the first being Monkey Mountain. Had a great time and a lot of laughs. Will use them again when we go back in 2024
Rippy Ricardo
Rippy Ricardo
So conveniently Located Decent rental Boards the Restaurant next door is pretty good But the Best Part about Wild Mex is their Front Man Hector. Hector has world Class customer service in English and Spanish. Hector really makes you feel welcome, he is so friendly and best of all efficient effective at his job of getting you set up to hit the water. For many of us Hector made our visit to Wild Max memorable he is a major Asset to Wild Mex. I hope they pay him well
Sofia Ordonez
Sofia Ordonez
Las mejores clases de surf!!
Bobbie Brandt
Bobbie Brandt
Great experience! The staff was super friendly and knowledgeable and everyone in our group was able to get up and surf. It was a really fun experience and because they aren't right on the beach but instead right around the corner, it is a better value than many other places. I would highly recommend this company!
Cristina Pellicano
Cristina Pellicano
Alejandro was the best: friendly, funny, open in sharing his life experiences but most of all, a very effective instructor who can convey his surfing skills in an easy to apprehend style. He was also very accommodating to our request to change surfing location on a very short notice. Everyone we interacted with at WildMex was professional and efficient. We highly recommend this business.
Chris Chetcuti
Chris Chetcuti
My boys had a blast learning to surf. The instructor was great, which allowed the boys get up almost every wave.
Eva Garmendia
Eva Garmendia
Great experience surfing, really don't hesitate to chip in a little bit more and do the surfing in La Lancha, magical beach with incredible waves for beginners! I had never surf and within 30min I was already up the board on my first try! Roberto was a great teacher and had him all for myself during this experience, giving me tips and helping me to paddle through the waves to go back to catch some to surf. All and all a great experience totally worth the price. Come surf if you're in the area!
$30/day for surf rental…..right across from La Lancha Beach—10 min hike to the beach so be sure bring plenty of fluids!

Grab your wetsuit, let’s hit the waves!

Surfing in Punta Mita in winter is a MUST-try. Will YOU catch the wave?

Like thinking the water is cold, many assume winter surfing Mexico is full of stormy waves and powerful currents. This is also SO not true. Winter storms aren’t on our checklist down at the local lineup!

Throughout the cooler months, Punta de Mita’s North Winds and North Swells wrap around the breathtaking coastline, leaving the area offshore or side offshore. In layman's terms, the waves are smooth, organized, and IDEAL for surfers of all levels.

Think. How would it feel to escape your dark and dreary 9-5? Are you sick of rain and crowded 6 pm lineups? Would you swap your office attire for a board? If so, this might be the place just for you!


Crystal Waters, New Marine Friends, and Winter Waves To Remember

The best places to surf in March ALWAYS include friendly sea creatures!

Surfing in Sayulita in winter doesn’t have to be a solo affair. Not at all!

When you dive into the waves in this stunning destination, you’ll have no worries about anything lurking below the surface… because the water is SO clear you can see through it. Yup, we’re talking about clean crystal waters that aren’t freezing.

If you’re lucky, you could bump into some of the locals—and we’re not talking about sharks or the Wild Mex team! We’re talking about turtles, tropical fish, dolphins and whales!

It’s common for surfers to see all kinds of marine life and an array of tropical coastal birds while surfing in Punta Mita in winter. But don’t be afraid! These beach dwellers are friendly and happy to share the shores with you. Smile and wave, and they’ll be on their way!

The best winter surf destinations don’t only offer adrenaline-fuelled memories. It’s likely that you’ll also encounter local wildlife too!

Beating the Cold By Surfing in Mexico in Winter

You don’t have to tackle water surfing…

The best places to surf in March have to include plenty of sun! Though this season is cold in some countries, we’re lucky to have lots of rays and warm water temps 24°C (75°F), the perfect winter escape!

Many surfers opt for boardies or a bikini, but if you’re not used to these water temperatures you can bring your own wetsuit top—or even rent one here at Wild Mex!

If you’re interested in an extra layer, our top recommendation for surfing in Mexico in winter is a rashy or wetsuit top. Not only do these picks make you look extra gnarly, but they’re ideal if you’re interested in a protective layer from the sun or wind, and add grip between you and your board when you’re paddling for the waves!

We’ve got your surfin’ needs covered!

Calling Beginners, Intermediate, & Pro Surfers For Winter Surfing Mexico!

Start your year the right way with the best surf trips February.

aking on the winter surf season isn't a task for pros only! The best places to surf in February-March have spots for all levels—even if you’ve never picked up a board before!

If that’s the case, we recommend a lesson or two first with a local instructor to ensure your first experience is a pleasant one!

Check out our Punta Mita lessons here!

Our team of Wild Mex surf and adventure pros love working with new surfers and watching their confidence grow. Whether you wanna learn the basics or need a quick re-cap, our pro surfers have the right lesson or course for you.

Yup—no prior surf knowledge needed. Just a passion to cruise the Surfline!

The best winter surf destinations are known for their beaut’ beaches, cozy water temps, AND consistent wave patterns. But do you know what the true secret ingredient is?
- The quality of the local surf school. Don’t believe us? Check it out here!

So, why go anywhere else?

Tempted? Surfing in Punta Mia in Winter Could Be For You

Unsure about the best places to surf in February? Let us be your guides!

Winter surfing Mexico-style is all about waving the winter blues buh-bye. Who wants to sit in an overheated office when you can surf across turquoise waters instead? Not us!

Take some time to enjoy the toasty seas with the help of the Wild Mex team. We’re on hand throughout winter to offer different boards for all styles, conditions, and preferences. From the classics to modern picks, we’ve got a board waxed and ready waiting for you!

All Wild Mex boards can be reserved or rented for the week (or as long as YOU want!) There’s no limit on the waves you can catch here.

Buuuut, we don’t just cater to confident surfers. Beginners are ALWAYS welcome, and we even have a dedicated CAMP! Our beginner and intermediate lessons are designed to match your needs. We’ll have you cruisin’ across the surf in a matter of days.

Get to know our instructors and lesson plans online here.

BUT don’t be late! OR you’ll miss the winter waves for good.

Dusting off your suitcase? That’s the spirit!

We’ll save an ice-cold drink for you and a board too!
See you on the beach….