Stretching in Sayulita for beginner and intermediate Surfers

Reaching out from #Sayulita to all the surfers in the Punta Mita area in México and around the globe, who are looking to improve their  surfing skills and find strenght and release prior and after hitting the waves, here are some useful yoga exercises:


To warm up with some modified #Sun_salutations, start in #Tadasana, standing with your feet hip-width apart, pelvis in neutral tilt and shoulders relaxed, with arms alongside your body. Lift your arms above head as you inhale (1), exhale and fold forward from your hips, keeping your knees bent, a little bit or a lot, but enough to lie your belly close to your thighs (2, #Uttanasana).

On your next inhale, extend your spine and straighten your legs, gaze forward and neck relaxed, coming to an L-shape with your spine and legs (3, #ardha_uttanasana). Exhale as you plant your palms on the ground (4), and step both feet back, reaching a planck position, hands shoulder width apart, and feet at hip-width (5). Inhale in planck, then slowly lower all the way to your belly as you exhale; option to lower with knees, chest and chin (6), or the traditional #Chaturanga, keeping the core strong, elbows close to your body and straight line from crown to tail bone.

Inhale and raise your chest above the ground for cobra pose, keeping the elbows bent back and close to your body, shoulders away from your ears, no tension on the lower back (7 & 8). Exhale and press back, knees on the floor, then press the hips up and back to reach an inverted V shape, for #Downdog (9).

To spice it up, inhale, lifting your heels high, bend your knees, keeping the arms straight and strong, look forward and hop forward, aiming to tap your heels to your buttocks, at least five times, back and forward. This should get the heart rate pumping (10). After 5 –#bunny_hops-, land back on the front of the mat, with your belly lying on your thighs, bowing forward in #Uttanasana (11).

Inhale and lift half-way up, to extend spine and legs to that “L” shape position. Exhale and fold back down again (12).

Inhale as you bend your knees and lower your hips like sitting on a chair, sweeping your arms along the floor and raising them up (13, #Utkatasana). Take one round of breath, then seat all the way down on the floor (no hands!), reaching a “V” shape, #Navasana or #boat_pose (14 &14a).

In #Navasana, keep a bent at the knees to bring the shins parallel to the floor, spine straight, chest high, belly strong and arms along side (or on the floor for support). Start rowing the boat by inhaling and lowering the spine (almost til your shoulder-blades touch the ground) and straightening the legs to hover close to the floor (15 & 15a). Then, exhale and come back up. Row it up and down at least 10 times. Hug your knees to your chest, round your spine, rock back and forth on your spine, pick up momentum and try to stand up all the way back to your imaginary chair,Utkatasana (16). Exhale and press up to stand again (17). Repeat the whole sequence once more; maybe addhandstand pikes instead of #bunny_hops.

By Wildmex Surfing