Surfing during rain or storm

Is it safe to surf in the rain?

Sayulita and Punta de Mita are great spots to surf no matter your skills, this area has a tropical climate, which hosts quite a bit of rain during the summer season, which is why we like to keep our guests informed about the facts regarding surfing in the rain or during storms.


Surfing under the rain adds a special touch to this sport, it really is an unique experience. A slight rain can calm the wind, glass up the swell and create ideal conditions, plus, rain in this area tends to be quite warm.

What about Surfing during a storm?

This scenario changes when it comes to surfing during a lightning storm.

Due to the conductivity of salt water, the effects of lightning can reach up to 500 m from the place where it has impacted the surface of the water. The probability of being struck by lightning is still really low, but it is always better to be informed and careful
In order to know thee distance to which the storm is, we must count the seconds between the lightning and the thunder. With this data we perform the following calculation
Distance (km) = Dif Light and Thunder (secs) / 3.

With a time interval of less than 3 seconds is when we must take precautions, get out of the water and seek shelter, as it means that the storm is less than 1 kilometer away!

Prevention is key. Better to be safe than sorry!


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