Water quality in Sayulita VS Punta Mita

The village of Sayulita is the perfect place for your holidays. The chill atmosphere, colorful streets, friendly locals, combined with delicious food and entertaining night life, makes it a lovely place to hang out, and most of the people that come here “for a few days” decide to stay longer.


Sayulita is a Tropical paradise, however, sadly the growth of the town and the inefficiency of the Mexican Government have resulted in a situation that affects the ocean.

Sayulita beach has a river that runs into the ocean and there is a water treatment plant that dumps raw sewage into that river.

There's been a higher than average rate of people getting sick during the last touristic seasons, and although this can be caused by numerous reasons,  change of diet, or excessive consumption of alcohol, there are studies proving that the ocean water quality at Sayulita's Surf break is far from ideal for human contact, especially during high season.

To make emphasis on how serious this problem is, most Sayulita Locals won't go in the water right in town


In order to solve this, residents and business owners have come up with a project to resolve some of the sewage and water treatment issues in town.

New sewage and rainwater drains will be installed:


And a new water treatment plant is supposed to be built during the next couple of years.

Until this plan is achieved, we will always recommend our guests to choose Punta Mita / La Lancha for surfing.

Wildmex offers daily shuttles from Sayulita to La Lancha (Punta Mita’s most consistent surf spot), which is only a 25 min drive.


At La Lancha, not only the water is cleaner, but it is a real surfer spot, no swimmers or children's playing in the water, it is a quiet beach where you’ll only meet other surfers or paddlers.

At La Lancha, there is consistent waves year round, multiple peaks for surfers to enjoy, clean water, and an incredible white sand beach.

There are sea turtles, plenty of fishes and pelicans, and the beach is surrounded by a jungle. No rivers discharging nearby, and plenty of ocean currents around to keep things fresh.


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