According to Surfer Today, nutrition is vital to staying in the water, remaining injury-free, maintaining energy levels and simply being healthy.

A balanced diet is the perfect choice for surfers. Here are a few tips to keep you fueled for the next four-hour surf session:

1. Eat real whole foods : fruits, vegetables, quality fats and proteins. Remove processed foods and excessive sugar from your diet.

2. Drink clean water and stay hydrated : soda, sports drinks, and artificially flavored liquids do absolutely nothing to help you stay healthy. For a re-hydrating drink, squeeze some lemon, lime or orange into clean water and add a pinch of salt.

3. Eat well-balanced meals : include proteins, carbohydrates and good fats (vegetable oils, for example) in every meal.

4. Try not to smash alcohol five nights per week .

5. After surf, aim to replenish your muscle glycogen stores (energy), with some
quality fruit and also aid muscle repair with protein intake.

6. Eat less food made of white flour or processed flours .

7. Buy local, fresh and organic , if you've got the spare cash: support your local farmers and community, and eat healthier, pesticide free vegetables.


8. Eat breakfast : before your surf, eat a piece of fruit and some nuts, or some kind of small meal. Most people are uncomfortable surfing on a full stomach, but even a small amount of food will help fuel your surf. On flat surfing days, eat a quality breakfast or protein, fruit/veggies and healthy fats, and reduce your consumption of breads and cereals, which offer minimal nutrition value.

9. Eat quality fats and limit your consumption of processed vegetable oils : quality fats and oils are organic olive oils, avocados, coconut oils, grass-fed butter and ghee. Quality saturated fat is important for nervous system function, vitamin uptake, hormone pathways, immune system function and overall health.


10. Learn to cook : buy a slow cooker, get a few recipe books and learn how to cook. Realize that improving your eating habits is one of the fastest and easiest ways to impact your health. Change your relationship with food, and recognize that what you're eating is providing you with the building blocks for your life.


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