Sayulita is a Mexican beach-town that offers good food, gorgeous beaches, and an eclectic bohemian vibe. The town offers the perfect mix of relaxation and exploration, combining rolling ocean waves with lush jungle greenery and a tropical nightlife scene, beach-bumming, cervezas, and fish tacos. The food found in Nayarit includes simple techniques and bold flavors. If you come to Mexico without eating great Mexican food (and at least one taco), we will have to call you a doctor for going loco en la cabeza.

After asking our staff at Wildmex what their favorites were, we have come up with a comprehensive list of recommendations for the places we find ourselves eating and drinking at when not at work!

Is it okay to surf when it rains?

This is a question a lot of people ask. And I say; Hell yes! you are gonna get wet anyway.

Sayulita and Punta de Mita are great spots to surf no matter your skills, with a tropical climate! meaning water temperature is the best, you might even find it a little hot which is nice (...unless it's sudden and you're near someone). And it is not just o.k. to surf when it rains, there are big advantages to do so;


1.- The Anchor - This place offers healthy breakfast options for Sayulita, ranging from deliciou green smoothie to acai bowls to an awakening cup of Joe. The breakfasts here offer a welcoming balance to the beans and rice that is found everywhere else! The best coffee option here is the espresso.

Instagram: @theanchorsayulita

2.- The AnchorDon Pedro´s - One of the first restaurants in Sayulita, Don Pedro´s is known not only for their fresh lobster for dinner, but their delicious breakfasts as well, providing a view that can´t be beat of the beach and surfers. Order the Cuitlacoche Omelete, made of cuitlacoche (a Mexican corn), goat cheese, and poblano chile sauce. If you end up going here for dinner, go on Monday so you can stick around for salsa night and dance to the rhythmic beats of a local Nayarit band.

Instagram: @donpedros.sayulita


1.- El Jakal - Head to El Jakal for an authentic Mexican Seafood lunch, on the north side of the pueblo. This small hut serves up fresh fish at great prices. At lunch, try their daily special of three tacos for $60 pesos. They are known for their staples, such as coconut shrimp and a ceviche tostada, but be sure to ask about their catch of the day. On some days, you may get a rare surprise such as stingray ceviche!

2.- Naty´s - If you are in a hurry, head to this small taco stand right off the Sayulita main plaza. This is the place where you go to catch a wave report from surfers and instructors and take in the sights and sounds of the plaza. Make sure to get there early, as it closes at 3:00 PM. We recommend their really Mexican chicken mole or marlin tacos.



1.- Mary´s - There is so much to love about Mary´s, from their sidewalk seating, the frozen limeade on a hot day, an enormous plate of guacamole, but the tacos de camarones are the reason why people rave about this place. The combination of shrimp, roasted poblano peppers, melted cheese, and fresh avocado are to die for!

2.- El Itacate - El Itacate, an old school term in Mexico, loosely translated to the ¨doggy bag,¨ fills their tacos with generous amounts of various kinds of meat and vegetables for our vegetarians. This restaurant stands out not only for their quality, variety, and quantity of options, but also for their itacate menu option, which is a burrito made with fried cheese instead of tortillas!

Instagram: @el.itacatesayulita


1.- Le Zouave - Opened by the owner´s of Petit Hotel Hafa, this bar is located just downstairs and is the perfect spot for a relaxing glass of wine or a specialty cocktail. It is a favorite of expats and surfers of Sayulita.

Instagram: @el.itacatesayulita

2.- Palmar Trapiche - The only beer garden in Sayulita! This is the second Trapiche Brewery of Colima and offers ten beers on rotation on tap from breweries all based in Mexico, as well as the largest craft beer menu in town. The seating is located in a beautiful garden, making it a nice place to catch up and grab a beer with friends.

3.- Cava - This bar is a little strip of a bar with fabulous house-made tequila and mezcal that you can buy in beautiful handmade bottles. This place has a great vibe, good music, and even better drinks to cater to whatever combination of flavors you like.

Sayulita is an amazing place with great options for food and drinks no matter what you prefer!  The list we have provided is only to get you started!  Some other restaurants worth noting include:

  • La Esperanza - Healthy food made delicious
  • Los Corazones - Known for their stuffed mushrooms and coconut shrimp
  • Pizza Venezia - The best pizza in town!
  • Bicho´s - Homemade tortillas make their quesadillas make the list
  • Yambak Bar - Right off the plaza with good music and good vibes
  • El Patio - Tapas right on the beach
  • Northside Cafe - Noteworthy coffee and golden milk lattes

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