Packing List for your Wildmex Vacation


Beach and Travel Necesities:

  • ATM card (There are no banks in Sayulita)

  • Money in USD or Pesos in case ATM fails

  • Valid Passport with at least 3 months remaining before expiry

  • Travel insurance

  • Up to date vaccinations and sufficient supply of prescription medications

  • Sandals, Crocs, Gators, Reef Walkers, or similar water shoes (Make sure they
    are comfy and can get WET! We will be walking on beaches, jungle trails, and getting on and off boats)

  • Warmer Clothing (November – March)

  • 2 or more bathing suits

  • Sunscreen (waterproof)

  • Aftersun lotion

  • Sunglasses

  • Beach Towel or Sarong

  • Camera (spare SD card, and backup battery)

  • Spanish phrasebook (all of our guides are bilingual, but handy to have for cultural immersion.. “una cerveza por favor!”)


Surf Necessities:

  • Zinc (best protection for your face)

  • Surf/board shorts

  • Rash guards (athletic shirt made of spandex – protects from wax-based chafing, the sun, and slight protection from jellyfish stings)

  • We provide rash guards for our guests, but you are more than welcome to bring your own

  • 100 % lycra or spandex leggings (for the same protection as a rash guard)

  • Springsuit or thin wetsuit (the mornings and evenings can be quite fresh)

  • Surf hat (make sure they have a snug chin strap)

  • Waterproof Watch. This is not a necessity but can be quite useful. (You can find
    some great surf watches, that count your waves, how long each ride was, and the tides, plus more)

  • Reef booties (not essential but some local surf spots are rocky, and have the occasional sea urchin)

  • Snacks and water for surf trips


Hike and Mountain Bike Necessities:

  • Small backpack for trekking

  • Mountain biking gloves (not a necessity but recommended)

  • Hiking shoes

  • Waterproof or durable clothing (trails can be wet and muddy at times)

  • Couple pairs of good socks

  • Flashlight

  • Bug repellent

  • Sun hat


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