Surf Breaks Sayulita and Punta Mita

Wildmex Punta Mita

KM 15, Carr. Federal la Cruz de Huanacaxtle

Wildmex Sayulita

150-G, Calle Pelícanos

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1) San Pancho
Left hand river mouth break, sand bottom
Shortboards only
Works on south swells, wind sensitive, only works after the river mouth has opened due to rains
Not for beginners
Get to San Francisco town (10 min. north of Sayulita) then go all the way down the main street till you get to the beach
2) Sayulita
Right and left point break and a beginner sand bar
Rock bottom on point break
Best on low and mid tides
Generally crowded
Right in front of the town of Sayulita
Wildmex Sayulita Surf School location
3) Litibu
Beautiful empty beach with great car access
Mostly closeout waves, good for beginners to ride the foam
Best on small or no swell
4) La Bahia or The Cove
Reef break, mostly right handers with some short lefts, good for short boards
Works at all tides. Caution: reef very exposed at low tide
Very exposed spot so it works on any swell direction, best on swells.
Best early morning
Accessible by boat from Anclote
5) El Faro or The Lighthouse
Right hand point break, long rides, great for longboards and shortboards
Best at low and medium tides; breaks on shallow reef.
Works only with larger north swells (6 ft plus) and north wind
Access by boat from El Anclote or a 20 minute hike from Anclote
6) Anclote
Righthand reef break, long and mellow wave, perfect for longboarding or SUPing
Needs a pretty big and powerful south or north swell to break
Take care on low tide, reef bottom, no sand
Right in front of the town of Punta de Mita
7) Stinkys
Works at low tide, works on large north or south swells
Sand and rocky, easy access
Once in the town of Punta de Mita, follow the signs to La Quinta del Sol, this will lead you to the access path to Stinkys (parking alongside the road)
8) Palmitas
Punchy beach break, works on short period north swells with north winds
Mid to high tide
Shortboard only
5 minute hike from La Lancha, 20 minute hike from Stinkys
9) La Lancha Beach
Mellow reef break. Mostly a right good for longboard, sometimes has a good left good for shortboards
Works at all tides but at the lowest tide there are exposed rocks.
Most consistent spot in the area, works with most swell directions
Great beach, mellower surf breaks in the area next to main surf break
Access from main road, across from WildMex Punta Mita, next to the only Gas Station in Punta de Mita.
Wildmex Punta Mita Surf School location
10) Burros
Reef break, mostly rights, occasional left
Best at low tide and south swells
Gets easily crowded
Access next to Palladium Hotel, turn off main road toward Palladium Hotel,at fork turn left, parking at the end. 5 minute hike to surf
11) Paredon
Right hand reef-point break. Long rides with lots of sections.
Best at higher tides
Needs a big south swell to work
Next to Veneros
12) Veneros
Fast beach break, with lefts and rights. Shortboards, fast rides
Can get very shallow so it works best at mid to high tides
Good on south swell and hurricane swell
Updated on February 3rd, 2021
Access from Destiladeras parking lot parallel to the main road, 30 min hiking.