Sayulita massive beach cleaning!

June 10th , 300 Volunteers out to set an example

Today we are with Corona in the campaign Desplastifícate

Sayulita, Nay.

In the framework of the World Environment and Oceans days that are celebrated this month, Grupo Modelo will hold from June 1 to June 15 days focused on cleaning, restoring, conserving Mexico's water and cleaning its beaches.

The movement of Corona Desplastifícate began this Saturday, June 8, in partnership with Modelo Volunteers, in more than 25 beaches in Mexican territory. The brand works to become one of the greatest agents of change in the world by cleaning about 500 beaches in more than 23 countries, thanks to the support of 300,000 volunteers worldwide.

In collaboration with Corona, one of its global brands, they reinforce the environmental objective, cleaning 150 kilometers of beaches in 14 states of the country, hoping to remove more than 78,000 kilos of garbage and more than 2 tons of PET, impacting around 1.2 million meters squares of coast in Mexico.

In Sayulita, Nayarit, more than 300 volunteers were gathered, who helped this movement achieve two objectives: to help clean the beaches and raise awareness about the damage we are doing to the environment.

The day began at 7 am in Sayulita, where volunteers, including children, youth and adults, with gloves and sacks gathered to begin cleaning; once it was finished, there was a talk on environmental care and a series of recreational activities and workshops.

"It is a movement that we are creating, it is the largest in Mexico of protection of the oceans. We are a brand with a great commitment to Mexico. He was born more than five years ago; It started with cleaning days and we saw that we could make a much bigger difference: raise awareness, "said Clarissa Pantoja, Director of Corona Beer, to El Economista.

He stressed that one of the challenges of the movement is to raise awareness about the use of plastic not only on beaches but in cities, which adds to other actions such as recycling programs, the implementation of cups of corn starch in recent editions of the festival Corona Capital and the use of biodegradable rings for the six pack, which "seek to inspire more people to join and replicate this message in the world".

"Every time the goals are bigger. We are very happy because with this celebration of the World Environment Day we had more than 20,000 volunteers who registered, we have more than 65 activities throughout the country, it is a giant wave. we are focusing on water cleaning, conservation of these bodies of water and cleaning of beaches.

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